Monday, October 3, 2011

Lynx - Hot News Girl

Lynx continues to push the boundaries on Youtube.  We've seen the Tippex-like Lucy Pinder Youtube execution that ran a few months ago as well as their video explanations of Rugby rules using scantily clad models.  Now they've discovered keyboard shortcuts for scrubbing Youtube videos.  In the above video, Razorfish has created what on first glance appears to be an  innocent outtake video with an attractive news reporter.  However, using shortcuts users can have a bit of a different experience.  As the video says:

'Play this video, click on the timeline and press 5 7 3 8 to get the Lynx Effect'

I'll leave you to play around with it (no pun intended).  Say what you will, but Lynx isn't shy about going after their target audience in ways that are sure to appeal to them.

Supporting Articles: Buzzfeed | Copyranter