Monday, October 31, 2011

Volkswagen Beetle. Juiced Up.

Volkswagen is launching a number of campaigns around the world to introduce the new Beetle. To support the Canadian launch of the new, more aggressive Beetle, the guys at Red Urban created a series of billboard and bus shelter ads.  Fairly typical right?  Well they've also created an augmented reality app that shows off 'Juiced Up' nature of the new Beetle.  Users who download the app (the posters themselves have QR codes and URLs at the bottom) are treated to a separate experience for each poster/billboard.  It's a nice way to tie together the offline and the digital, turning a flat, static print ad into a miniature immersive experience for the user.

Not content to limit the augmented reality fun to the good folks in Canada, they've also uploaded Youtube videos containing the appropriate imagery to activate the app.  That allows users from anywhere (provided they've downloaded the app) to experience what our Canadian cousins are seeing on the street.  Clicking on the annotations at the end of the above video will bring you to additional videos allowing you to hold up your VW AR app and get the experience on your phone or tablet.

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