Sunday, October 16, 2011

Beck's Green Box Vimeo Mimicry

If Youtube is for the masses, then Vimeo is for the art school crowd.  With that in mind, it makes sense that Beck's turned to Vimeo as the platform for their mimicry/takeover showcasing the experience the Beck's Key app offers as the gateway to their Green Box Project.

A bit of background...the Green Box Project is a global art fund established by Beck's to inspire, celebrate & financially support independent talent in art, design, music and fashion.  Over the course of three years Beck's will find and showcase over 1,000 individual projects.  So what's the twist?  The resulting commissions will be experienced via the augmented-reality app in Green Boxes located around the world, as well as being permanently on display in a virtual gallery online.

To kick off the project Beck's has released 30 green boxes with various virtual art pieces by renowned artists around the UK, US & Italy.  The public can download the Beck's Key app which uses GPS & augmented reality markers to enable the artistic content of the boxes to be viewed, as well as allowing users to find other Green Boxes, receive updates, etc.  It's what Beck's is calling 'the world's first global networked augmented reality gallery.'

Beck's has been engaged in various activity to raise awareness of this project, but you can imagine the challenge to convey the overall experience without downloading the actual Beck's Key app.  Enter the Vimeo takeover/mimicry.  While mimicry is common on Youtube, it's not seen as often on Vimeo.  This execution by Outside Line is a really natural and delightful way to showcase the features and experience of the Beck's Key app.

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