Sunday, October 16, 2011

Beck's Sobriety Test App

I love this mobile app developed by Leo Burnett for Beck's 'When I Drink, I Don't Drive' campaign out of Serbia. The app gives you a sobriety test when you've been drinking, fail the test and it calls a cab for you.  The premise is simple:

Can you fit the key into a keyhole?

We want people to drink Beck’s responsibly – that’s why we created a mobile app that tests your sobriety. When drunk, one cannot perform even the simplest task – like fitting a key into a keyhole. And, as we all know, Beck’s logo is - a keyhole with a key! So, we designed the simple sobriety test app: in order to test your driving ability, you need to keep a key in a moving keyhole for 25 seconds. Fail to do so, and the app automatically dials the cab company in your area. When you drink and drive, there’s no going Beck’s!

Genius, if only it somehow was activated automatically when you've been out on the town.

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