Monday, May 16, 2011

Skoda Puzzle

Skoda Puzzle Youtube Channel
Skoda is inviting viewers to solve an interactive mystery for the chance to win a Skoda Rs.  The interactive mystery/puzzle will unfold over 10 weeks with users having to solve a new clue each week.
Skoda is a major sponsor of crime drama programming on Channel 5.  As part of a cross-media interactive campaign they are promoting the Skoda puzzle campaign through the Skoda idents on Channel 5.  The idents drive users to (which itself redirects to the Youtube channel).  Users must successfully find the clue and answer a question on the Youtube channel each week.  Finding each week’s clue builds an online trail that will eventually lead to where the Skoda Rs is hidden on Google Street view.  They’re also heavily utilising their Facebook page and Twitter feeds to help users share clues as well as run smaller giveaways/challenges.
It sounds a bit complicated, but it actually works.  It’s a nice way to create a sustained campaign that encourages participation over the entire campaign lifecycle by having a big prize at the end.  It’s also notable that they’re incentivizing participation for less dedicated users by running smaller accompanying competitions/giveaways via Twitter & Facebook.  We’ll have to see what the actual numbers are at the end of the campaign.

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Lynx Stream

Lynx Stream
Ever wanted to document your night out with friends?  Wouldn't it be great if you could get a nice summary of your night in one place?  The Lynx Stream mobile app is to allow users to do just that.  The Lynx Stream mobile app allows users to create an event and invite all their friends who will be partying with them. Check out the demo video.  Once invited, each person will be able to tweet, shoot video and photos, and comment all within The next day, you just login, view the stream, and cring at the previous nights debauchery. You can then share the stream out to your various social networks (and course it includes the ability to delete individual items in the stream).

This idea will be familiar to anyone who has used MemoLane for pulling together all of their own personal activity across various networks into one place and one timeline.  This shifts the concept and adds a social element focusing on pulling all of digital breadcrumbs from one place/event rather than just one person.  Great example and execution of creating a branded tool that integrates into the audience lifestyle/behavior.
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Pepto Bismol Pinata Smash

Pepto Bismol Pinata Smash
In honor of the Cinqo De Mayo holiday, Pepto Bismol launched the new Pepto Bismol Pinata Smash gadget.  First a bit of background...Pepto Bismol is a medicine to relieve stomach problems (heartburn, indigestion, nausea, etc.), many of which are associated with overeating.  They’ve recently been undertaken a marketing overhaul that aligns their marketing activity around overeating occasions (July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and now Cinqo De Mayo).  The tagline is “Pepto’s got you covered.”  

In this case, users create a custom video experience by select one of four piƱatas, one of three food fillings, and finally a “smasher” to obliterate their creation.  All in all there’s 19 different options/videos.  It’s sort of like Tippex meets Chrome Destruction Labs.

The campaign was also supported by a masthead execution and a TV segment during the Jimmy Kimmel Live.  Overall a clever execution from a brand that isn’t normally associated with compelling video content.  Also interesting to note:

“Another facet of the plan is a complete reversal of Pepto’s ad spending breakdown. Previously, up to 90% of the brand’s ad budget went to traditional media like TV; now that figure is as low as 10%. Most of the rest goes toward digital media. The company claims that since the switchover, sales have improved.”

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Note: gadget was taken down, but can still be found here 

Google Chrome - Dear Sophie

Google Chrome - Dear Sophie
This is the first video for the new chrome campaign the web is what you make of it.  Besides tugging at your heart strings, it’s interesting because it shifts the focus away from browser speed and towards the the emotional aspect of what the web (and Chrome) makes possible.

It’s clearly working as it became the most effective ad of the week according to Ace Metrix and the highest score Google ad of the last year.

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BONUS: Little Thor

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and that’s certainly true in Marvel’s spoof of the VW Little Vader commercial.  In a direct ripoff, they’ve created a Little Thor version of the ad to promote the launch of the movie Thor.  
You know the original creative rocks when even a spoof gets more than 2 million views!

Gadget Of The Week: Sanctum The Movie

Fantastic new gadget for the movie Sanctum.  Rather than just expose users to the typical Youtube movie launch experience (ie. trailer, downloadable wallpaper, perhaps a mini-game) Sanctum has decided to leverage existing Youtube content to create a unique user experience that ties in closely with the theme of the movie.
Users are invited to find out “How Extreme Are You?” by rating a series of extreme sports videos (bungee jumping, diving with great white sharks, base jumping, etc.) and choosing whether they’ve either done it, want to do it, or will never do it.  Once a user has rated five videos they’re given a risk profile that they can compare to their Facebook friends (uses Facebook connect) or against the rest of the world.  The gadget also allows users to post directly into their social stream & it also pulls in mentions of Sanctum the movie on Twitter & Facebook.
In general just a great execution and a great way to leverage existing content in a new and delightful way.