Monday, May 16, 2011

Skoda Puzzle

Skoda Puzzle Youtube Channel
Skoda is inviting viewers to solve an interactive mystery for the chance to win a Skoda Rs.  The interactive mystery/puzzle will unfold over 10 weeks with users having to solve a new clue each week.
Skoda is a major sponsor of crime drama programming on Channel 5.  As part of a cross-media interactive campaign they are promoting the Skoda puzzle campaign through the Skoda idents on Channel 5.  The idents drive users to (which itself redirects to the Youtube channel).  Users must successfully find the clue and answer a question on the Youtube channel each week.  Finding each week’s clue builds an online trail that will eventually lead to where the Skoda Rs is hidden on Google Street view.  They’re also heavily utilising their Facebook page and Twitter feeds to help users share clues as well as run smaller giveaways/challenges.
It sounds a bit complicated, but it actually works.  It’s a nice way to create a sustained campaign that encourages participation over the entire campaign lifecycle by having a big prize at the end.  It’s also notable that they’re incentivizing participation for less dedicated users by running smaller accompanying competitions/giveaways via Twitter & Facebook.  We’ll have to see what the actual numbers are at the end of the campaign.

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