Monday, May 16, 2011

Gadget Of The Week: Sanctum The Movie

Fantastic new gadget for the movie Sanctum.  Rather than just expose users to the typical Youtube movie launch experience (ie. trailer, downloadable wallpaper, perhaps a mini-game) Sanctum has decided to leverage existing Youtube content to create a unique user experience that ties in closely with the theme of the movie.
Users are invited to find out “How Extreme Are You?” by rating a series of extreme sports videos (bungee jumping, diving with great white sharks, base jumping, etc.) and choosing whether they’ve either done it, want to do it, or will never do it.  Once a user has rated five videos they’re given a risk profile that they can compare to their Facebook friends (uses Facebook connect) or against the rest of the world.  The gadget also allows users to post directly into their social stream & it also pulls in mentions of Sanctum the movie on Twitter & Facebook.
In general just a great execution and a great way to leverage existing content in a new and delightful way.