Monday, May 16, 2011

Pepto Bismol Pinata Smash

Pepto Bismol Pinata Smash
In honor of the Cinqo De Mayo holiday, Pepto Bismol launched the new Pepto Bismol Pinata Smash gadget.  First a bit of background...Pepto Bismol is a medicine to relieve stomach problems (heartburn, indigestion, nausea, etc.), many of which are associated with overeating.  They’ve recently been undertaken a marketing overhaul that aligns their marketing activity around overeating occasions (July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and now Cinqo De Mayo).  The tagline is “Pepto’s got you covered.”  

In this case, users create a custom video experience by select one of four piƱatas, one of three food fillings, and finally a “smasher” to obliterate their creation.  All in all there’s 19 different options/videos.  It’s sort of like Tippex meets Chrome Destruction Labs.

The campaign was also supported by a masthead execution and a TV segment during the Jimmy Kimmel Live.  Overall a clever execution from a brand that isn’t normally associated with compelling video content.  Also interesting to note:

“Another facet of the plan is a complete reversal of Pepto’s ad spending breakdown. Previously, up to 90% of the brand’s ad budget went to traditional media like TV; now that figure is as low as 10%. Most of the rest goes toward digital media. The company claims that since the switchover, sales have improved.”

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Note: gadget was taken down, but can still be found here