Monday, October 31, 2011

Estee Lauder

Estée Lauder has launched their new YouTube channel which is designed to be 'Your Source for Expert Beauty Advice.'  Created by The Concept Farm, the channel houses original content showcasing Creative Makeup Director Tom Pecheux, and various global spokesmodels such as Elisabeth Hurley.  However, that's just the beginning as the channel 'features original, interactive content to engage viewers in a visual, tactile way.  The Estée Lauder YouTube channel is a self-contained platform where consumers can see product information, read ratings and reviews, get beauty tips, comment and share.'

This is the next evolution in a beauty channel on Youtube.  It's more than just a fully contained microsite. We're used to brand channels featuring beauty techniques, tips/tricks, product lines, news, as well as behind the scenes/extra content. Estee Lauder features all of that, as well as a really elegant navigation and layout, but they really take it a step further with a couple of clever features.

1) Each video has a 'products featured' icon/overlay that allows you to not only see more info about the product, but also pulls in reviews for each particular product, the product rating and also provides a shop now button.

2) All of the how-to videos include the 'makeup mirror' feature which activates the webcam and allows users to follow along step-by-step, in real-time They can see both themselves and the video on the screen at the same time.  What a great idea.

Last but not least, the channel also features a nice intro video explaining the above rather than relying on the user to discover the features which are prominent but don't get in the way of the user who wants to experience the Estee Lauder content in a more traditional way.

Have a look and a play around yourself on the Estée Lauder Youtube channel here.

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