Monday, October 3, 2011

BONUS: Rebecca Black Telstra Sponsorship

As part of their new 'The Fun Has Just Begun' campaign, Telstra has signed up Rebecca Black as a celebrity endorser (methinks they might want to increase the $$$ in their "brand ambassador" fund).  They brought her down to Sydney to do a series of live performances of smash hit Friday.  So in case you couldn't get enough of the original video, you can see a mashup of her performances above.  But wait, what if you're not content with the 48 second video from Telstra!?  Thankfully a dedicated fan has posted the full length 5 minute live version of Friday which you can find here.

In all seriousness, considering the abuse that's been lumped on this poor girl, it's good to see her getting some endorsement deals before her 15 minutes of fame are up.  Partyin', Partyin' YEAH!

Supporting Articles: Brand Channel | Herald Sun