Monday, September 19, 2011

Dodge Journey

Dodge has created what they call 'the first search engine for the real world,' the new Dodge Journey crossover. In order to get people off the web and into the real world, they've hidden three of the new Journeys somewhere in America (one each in somewhere on the West Coast, Midwest, & East Coast.  The premise is simple...if you can find it, you can keep it.

The campaign was created by Wieden+Kennedy and kicked off with this commercial, as well as additional commercials for each region where a Journey was hidden.

Clues are given to participants via videos on their Youtube channel and the region specific TV spots for each hidden Journey.  The channel also includes a nice social stream integration, allowing participants to share clues and see official/messages from Dodge.  Each video clue also highlight specific features of the journey and includes other product messaging.  While the idea of a scavenger hunt is nothing new, I can't recall seeing a similar online/offline blend in a campaign prior to this.  Really nicely done.

The first two have been found, with the next set of clues to be revealed for the Dodge Journey hidden somewhere on the East Coast on September 24th.  Check out the Youtube channel here.

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