Monday, September 5, 2011

Easton - Ultimate Batting Practice

OK, ok...the whole real or fake viral is getting a bit tired, but I'm a sucker for these and since I love baseball I couldn't help but include this video from Easton (a baseball bat manufacturer in the US).  Apparently the public isn't sick of these either as it managed to stimulate a fair amount of 'is it real or is it fake?' debate.  It just shows there's still some life in this genre provided it's done right (not too much product placement, not overly polished/produced, etc.)  After racking up a couple million views for the Ultimate Batting Practice video, they've now released a second video as well called Skeet Ball:

Granted I'm not debating whether it's real or fake, but they are both nice pieces of branded content and something that myself and other baseball fans are willing to share around.

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