Monday, September 19, 2011

The Museum Of Obsolete Objects

Sadly, as our daily lives become more and more digital some things fall by the way side as they are replaced by newer, «better» devices.  Let us not forget those fallen appliances, tools and gadgets and relive those bygone times by taking a visit to The Museum of Obsolete Objects. Step inside to step back in time!

That's the message presented by creative agency, Jung Von Matt, in the intro to the Museum Of Obsolete Objects.  The Youtube channel is both a shrine to gadgets of yesteryear and an impressive showcase of the agency's considerable talents.  So have a play around, slide the timeline and click on an object to see a video history/explanation, or suggest an object of your own to be added into the museum.

Check out the Museum Of Obsolete Objects Youtube channel here.

Supporting Articles: The Atlantic | TNW