Monday, September 19, 2011

T-Mobile - The Parking Ticket

T-mobile is back with another great spot, the latest in a long string of hits created by Saatchi & Saatchi.  The Parking Ticket was developed to support of the launch of T-Mobile’s new plan 'You Fix', which T-Mobile says is ideal for customers who want to control their mobile phone expenditure.  The two-minute spot debuted this past Friday on Channel5 and is now live on Youtube with an updated channel to promote the new plans.  The tagline around the campaign is 'Nobody Likes Nasty Surprises.'  What better way to illustrate that idea than enlisting fake traffic wardens to unreasonably give out tickets to unsuspecting drivers, all the while documenting every interaction by hidden camera (not unlike the NAB Honesty Experiments).  Drivers then discovered that the authentic looking yellow parking tickets actually contain a £5, £10 £20 or £50 note and a good day message from T-mobile.

Check out the spot and the updated Youtube channel here (as well as a nice use of external annotations at the end of the video driving interested users to either Facebook, the You Fix page, or Twitter).

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