Monday, September 5, 2011

Levis Roadwear

Travel through the latest denim collection with Mermonkey, the fictional band that takes center stage in this campaign from Levi's.  The campaign site demonstrates a really innovative use of the Google Maps API, turning the denim collection into the continents/terrain of the story and allowing users to navigate through the narrative as though it were turn by turn directions.  Contagious can explain it better than I:

Levi's has created an interactive site for users to explore its latest collection, utilising the functionality of Google maps to take users on a cross-country road-trip. The journey follows three band members across the country, tracking their momentous occasions through video, images and short blog-style posts. The twist is that the locations on the map aren't real and the continents are actually giant denim jeans... it sounds strange, but it somehow works.

Douglas Hamilton, copywriter from BBH Asia Pacific, who created the campaign said; 'By navigating the rips and stains on the denim, you could unlock the stories that lie behind each and every mark. Traverse each of the 'continents' and you'll piece together the story of an aspiring band and their ups and downs on the road to fame and fortune'.

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