Monday, September 19, 2011

ByTuren - Is It Time To Get Home?

Rough night out drinking?  Ever wonder what really happened on an ugly night out?  Maybe it's time to get home.  That's the hilarious message in this campaign by Bocca for Danish night bus company, Movia.   The interactive video, multi-layered video (sort of like the campaign a year ago from Nokia France) aims to show the difference between the perception and reality of a night out.  Move your mouse over the movie to see what the characters think they look like vs. the reality of being a drunken idiot.  Hilarious stuff, though it makes me terrified of what happens when life-logging devices inevitably make their way to market in a few years.  Too bad this was done on a campaign site rather than a Youtube channel, but that could be because Denmark has not yet launched for advertisers.

Check out the campaign site here.

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