Monday, September 5, 2011

IKEA - Happy To Bed

I love this new gadget developed by Cake for IKEA UK.  It begins with mimicry asking users what they'd do if they could wipe the slate clean in their bedroom, what would it take for you to go 'Happy To Bed'?  After the mimicry, users are invited to create a bespoke experience by connecting with Facebook & then create a circle that shows who's in your bedroom (are you a couple? a family? single?).  The gadget then renders a  personalised 3d model of what your bedroom could look like, ie. 'Everything You Need To Go Happy To Bed'.  The rendering takes place using your Facebook status and wall activity, a clever little way to keep you engaged while the gadget builds your ideal bedroom.  The bedroom pulls in photos from Facebook and puts them in frames on the wall, further personalising the experience and the virtual tour showcases various products, allowing you to change colors as it takes on a walk through of your new bedroom.  Once the experience is complete, you can create a shopping list of items or click directly on hotspots (using external annotations) throughout the virtual bedroom to purchase directly on IKEA's site.  Just a really nice execution that shows off the creative potential of the Youtube platform.  Have a play with the gadget yourself!

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