Monday, July 11, 2011

Lynx Effect - Lucy Pindering

Lynx Effect - Lucy Pindering
We've all seen Tippex A Hunter Shoots A Bear, now Lynx has created their own interactive 'type-a-request-into-a-search-box' experience as part of their Premature Perspiration campaign featuring UK pinup girl Lucy Pinder.  This racy gadget features the 'Pindering' game where users are presented with a box that says: Lucy Pinder _____ing makes me prematurely perspire.  Depending on what you type, you are then shown one of many videos of Lucy Pinder performing that act in skimpy clothing and showing off her various assets. They also have created a microsite which features the 'Pindering' game as well as 'Ctrl-X' in which a user tries to get her to remove various articles of clothing.

According to Unilever: 
'This latest push forms part of a more sophisticated approach to our marketing strategy. This is a really creative way of engaging directly with our target audience and allowing guys to connect with the brand in a personal way. This digital element forms part of a fully integrated campaign that will reinforce our core brand values.'

You can debate the originality of this campaign, but anecdotal evidence from around the office convinces me that it certainly creates engagement with the target audience ;-)  Additionally there are some clever twists depending on what you type...'rant' yields a funny spoof on the Christian Bale set meltdown from a year or so ago, while 'geek' spoofs the Stars Wars viral video from a couple years back. My personal favorite...'shoot' pays homage to the original Tippex campaign.

Our colleague Giles Tuck has kindly taken the time to create a compilation video showcasing some of the videos.

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