Monday, July 11, 2011

Intel The Escape

Intel The Escape Youtube Game
Intel has created some great digital experiences lately as part of their shift in messaging away from specs & performance figures and towards are more emotional message of how Intel technology enables a digital life.  Recall their Youtube Visual Life contest or the recent Museum Of Me site that they developed.  It all started with the short film 'The Chase'  launched back in January.  Extending on that original concept, Intel has launched a Youtube gadget intended for the Asian market called 'The Escape," an immersive, entertaining thriller which allows the Youtube audience to take part in the adventure.

"The Escape" integrates YouTube, interactivity and social networking into a single seamless experience for the first time. Inspired by Intel's earlier film, "The Chase," "The Escape" breaks through YouTube's third wall and makes the audience the hero, remotely piloting drones and brawling with assailants to assist the film's femme fatale in her mission.

This is definitely one of the most sophisticated & interactive games that I've seen on Youtube.  The game also utilizes Facebook Connect giving users the option to add pictures of their friends in certain scenes and earn achievement badges to post to their Facebook profiles. It also contains hidden clues for viewers to unlock additional content as they play.