Monday, July 25, 2011

Intel - The Inside Experience

Intel - The Inside Experience
It seems like I'm featuring Intel at every meeting, but they've really been undertaking some great marketing efforts as of late.  Their latest initiative is being billed as the first 'social film experiment'  and debuts today (July 25th). The premise is that Christina (Emmy Rossum) is trapped in a room 'with only an Intel processor-powered Toshiba laptop and an untraceable Internet connection. Unable to determine where she is being held or what her fate might be, Christina uses the laptop to mobilize her social network, reaching out to friends, family and anyone else who can help her figure out where she’s being held and how to escape. Viewers are encouraged to connect with Christina, tweet clues and post advice to her Facebook page.

The film portion will debut at the end of July, with one four-to-five-minute episode released on various social media platforms every few days, linked in between by tweets, Facebook posts, and videologs, all to help viewers get in on figuring out the "film’s" big mystery: Why and where is Christina (Rossum) trapped in a room with a Toshiba laptop (with Intel inside!) and an untraceable Internet connection. Her only hope: Connecting to "friends" on Facebook and Twitter who will aid her quest to free herself.  
The editing team will also incorporate posts that best fit the storyline into the episodes.  Additionally one viewer was cast via a Youtube casting call and will be incorporated into the movie. The film culminates in an early August episode that wraps up the mystery, which can be solved along the way by devoted watchers.  The full film will be released as a stand-alone story online after the mystery is solved.

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