Monday, July 25, 2011

HUGO Just Different

HUGO - Just Different
P&G owns several prestige fragrance brands such as HUGO BOSS & Gucci.  As part of their foray into the digital space (spurred on in part by competition from L'Oreal & last year's Christmas Corridor), they've launched a fantastic interactive Youtube custom gadget for HUGO - Just Different that uses headtracking to control the experience.  The tagline of the campaign is Just Different and film pushes the idea of seeing things differently via new angles and perspectives. This interactive film requires you to tilt your head left or right, thanks to realtime head-tracking technology, allowing you to control the experience with your own movement.

They're driving traffic to the channel via mastheads in at least seven markets.  This is just the beginning in terms of P&G's investment in Youtube, so expect to see more multi-market campaigns across Europe.  I believe the decision whether to activate in each individual market is up to the country brand mananger so I'll try to give you a heads up if there's an opportunity for multiple mastheads in your markets for future campaigns.

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