Monday, July 25, 2011

Craftsman SCREW*D

Craftsman Screw*d
What is Screw*D? Maybe a better question is: Who is Screw*D?

This summer, Craftsman is taking one tool-clueless person, and through a series of intense, even high-risk tool and surivival challenges, put them through the ringer. The goal: Turn them into the ultimate handyman.Those chosen will be pushed to their limits over the course of 10 weeks  gain new tools skills for this online reality show.  Right now the contest is in the finalist stage, but with 5 finalists having been culled from over 300 submissions.  For 10 weeks beginning in mid-August, the winner, who will be relocated to an apartment in Chicago, will be filmed receiving boot-camp-style carpentry training from experts. Then, as Y&R describes it, the contestant "take part in extreme survival tests in the middle of nowhere."

Ryan Ostrom, divisional vice president for digital marketing for the Craftsman, Kenmore and Diehard brands at Sears, said the subject would be led blindfolded into those situations and would be extricated only through meeting some construction challenge. Mr. Ostrom would give no further details, except to say the situations would be “uncommon to the everyday tool experience.”
Those challenges will be broadcast live online. The brand’s Facebook followers will be encouraged to offer tips and suggestions in a live-chat format.  The participant can win up to $50,000 if he or she successfully performs a few tasks and those DIYers who help out a great deal can also win Craftsman products.  As you can see from the trailer video, Craftsman is having fun with this contest and it seems like a great way to attract new consumers while also engaging with the existing audience of DIY enthusiasts.

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