Monday, July 11, 2011

BONUS: Rich Media Ads Of The Week - HTML5 Challenge Winners

Back in March, Doubleclick launched a competition challenging creative agencies and freelancers in the UK, France, Germany and Italy to design a HTML5 masthead which showcases their company or agency's skill.  The winners in each market won a free trip to Cannes as well as a free masthead featuring the winning entry.

The winners were announced awhile back and they're pretty cool executions, in particular the UK and the French winners stood out to me:

UK - Lean, Mean Fighting Machine developed a masthead that uses search (both text & voice) within the masthead unit to then pull Youtube videos based on that query.

France - biborg | alpha layer (the same agency that developed the 360 degree Assassins Creed campaign) created a stunning & delightful masthead that integrates your location as well as Google Maps to create an interactive balloon flight experience.