Monday, August 22, 2011

Volkswagen BlueMotion Roulette

As part of their campaign to promote the amazing fuel economy of the new Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion, Norwegian agencies Try and Apt turned a long stretch of highway into a virtual roulette table.  Using Google Maps & Streetview the E6 highway was turned into one big roulette table with 80,000 individual slots.  So what's the hook?  Users were invited to place a 'bet' (using Facebook connect) on how far the VW could go on a single tank of fuel.  The user with the correct bet won the car.  Each user could only bet once, thereby encouraging users to learn as much as possible about the car, the features and the fuel economy.  When the registration period ended, the Golf took to the road where users could monitor the progress of the car in real-time via an implementation of Google Maps and livestreaming video on the BlueMotion website.

Over 50,000 people followed its progress in real time to find out if they’d be the lucky winners of a new VW Golf and the car eventually ran out of gas 1,570 kilometres later, the equivalent of an Oslo-Paris road trip.

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