Monday, August 22, 2011

Strange Talk Music & Cheer Detergent

With a completely digital budget and the tagline 'We Dig Color' the detergent brand Cheer (part of the P&G family) is doing it's best to appeal to the digital audience.  Cheer has partnered with the band Strange Talk Music on their latest music video, Climbing Walls.   The the premise behind the latest campaign can be summed up as click the video, get free colorful stuff.  The video has hidden clickable annotations on colorful objects such as socks, t-shirts, dresses and hoodies.  Finding and clicking on the hidden objects drive the user to the Cheer Facebook page.  Once users have liked the brand they see if they've won an item of clothing from the video or register an item they 'dug'.  Each annotation links off to a different item of clothing and they're giving away limited numbers.  Users who've found the annotations enter their name and address and the item of clothing they've won show up at their doorstep a few days later.  It's a nice way to a) get users to watch the entire music video from a band they may not be familiar with b) drive users to to a Facebook fan page from Youtube, c) get users to like the Cheer brand on Facebook and d) get winners/engaged users into the Cheer CRM database.

As for the actual music…ehhh.

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