Monday, August 8, 2011

OK Go - All Is Not Lost Chrome Experiment

OK Go is back with a new interactive HTML5 video/Chrome Experiment developed in conjunction with Google and dance troupe/choreographers Pilobolus.  The band best known for their amazingly creative (and inevitably viral) music videos such as This Too Shall Pass, White Knuckles & Here It Goes Again recently released All Is Not Lost.  The experience is in the same vein as the award winning Arcade Fire Chrome Experiment, The Wilderness Downtown.  Users can personalize the experience in which different shots are rendered in different browser windows that move, re-size and re-align throughout the piece. With HTML5’s canvas technology, these videos are drawn in perfect timing with the music.  The band and Pilobolus dancers are filmed through a clear floor, making increasingly complex shapes and eventually words—and messages you can write yourself.

You can see a nice behind-the-scenes video here.

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