Monday, August 22, 2011

Frijj - You LOL, You Lose

Here's a great example of a campaign that should be residing on Youtube in a custom gadget.  Frijj, the UK milkshare brand has launched three new flavours of milkshake.  Iris and Universal McCann London have created a great interactive challenge that uses facial recognition technology as a key part of the gameplay.

'You LOL You Lose' website pits players against the finest, funniest and FAILworthiest videos YouTube has to offer. As the name suggests - laugh out loud and it's game over (thanks to face recognition via webcam).
The site delivers three kinds of video - LOL, OMG and Cute - one for each of the three new 'incredible' Frijj flavours: honeycomb choc swirl, jam doughnut and sticky toffee pudding. Err, yum.
The game aims to help players build up their tolerance to the unexpected, so these brand new flavours don't just knock them flat. There's some smart tech in the mix too, re--calibrating the game for each player's skin tone and the ambient light. Bet you can't last a whole minute.

Again, it's there's no reason why this couldn't have been done using Youtube as the primary platform rather than a microsite as we've seen advertisers utilize webcam and head-tracking functionality in the past (most recently the HUGO Just Different campaign).

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