Monday, August 22, 2011

Nissan - Damn Ponies

This campaign for Nissan comes out of Brazil and has racked up an impressive number of views in the past couple weeks.  It's a great example of taking a traditional TV spot and modifying it for the Youtube audience.  In the spot, a driver get stuck in the mud, opens the hood and to discover animated prancing ponies singing a jingle about how they won't move and don't like mud or sludge.  He curses the fact that he has ponies rather than horses, hence the 'Damn Ponies' title.  After the spot ends, the animated ponies tell you to keep the window open before turning into evil ponies and demanding that you share the video with 10 friends.  If you fail to share the video you'll be struck with the Curse Of The Damn Pony and spend the rest of your life with the annoying pony jingle stuck in your head.  Definitely a new take on how to encourage sharing and spreadability, just threaten the audience with a lifetime of annoying music.  I love it.

Here's the original video and an English subtitled version.  This campaign was developed by Lew'Lara\TBWA in São Paulo.

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