Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tipp-Ex Experience 2

I thought I'd post this in case you've been holed up in a cabin without Internet.  If not, you've probably already seen this...the Tipp-Ex Experience is back for round 2!  The original Tippex Experience, developed by Buzzman in 2010, proved to be one of the most popular and successful Youtube campaigns of all time.  The campaign garned millions of views and many, many awards (see original campaign here or the case study here).  I wasted far too much time playing around with the original campaign and this version is no different.  In the original campaign users were invited to rewrite the story of 'A Hunter Shoots A Bear.'  In the new campaign users are invited celebrate the Hunter & the Bear's birthday throughout different times in history (see video below for backstory and to begin the experience).  Just type in a year and see what happens (check out 1990 for the Saved By The Bell spoof).  There are about 40-50 different videos from various years and some of them include interactive features (try typing in 1980).  Have a play around and say bye-bye to a couple hours of productivity.