Tuesday, April 17, 2012

$#*T Kids Say & Course To Shine - Topical/Relevant PSAs

There seems to be a wealth of really wonderful and emotionally evocative public service announcement (PSAs) work being done lately.  In the past few weeks I've also begun to notice PSAs that tap into the current zeitgeist/memes/trends as a clever way of creating relevancy with the intended audience.  I'm not sure of the agency responsible for this first one, but it seems that VW has teamed up with Nikkietutorials, one of the many Youtube stars/gurus, to help communicate this message.  Rather than trying to describe the video, please watch below (hint: be patient)

We often talk about brands enlisting Youtube stars/gurus as part of their marketing activity, so it makes complete sense to partner with them in order to get across the message that '500,000 road crashes are caused by women drivers applying make-up.'  Just a great execution in terms of creating something unexpected within the perfect context of a beauty tutorial. (via my colleague Briain Curtin)

Next up is a PSA for the NSPCC (National Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Children), created by Inferno London called $#*! Kids Say

While perhaps it's a bit late to the Shit _____ Say meme, it's still a great way to convey the message which asks the viewer to trust their instincts when they think things aren’t quite as they should be & generally raise awareness about the NSPCC mission.