Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Romanians Are Smart

I love seeing examples of Google search or AdWords used in creative ways.  Converse Domaination was probably the most prominent example of a creative campaign using AdWords.  Now McCann Erickson has developed a campaign for Romanian confectioner Kandia Dulce, producer of the ROM chocolate bar, to improve the online reputation of Romania.  Currently when you type 'Romanians are...' in Google search you get Google Instant results that are less than flattering, for example when I type 'Romanians are' Google instant returns 'scum' and 'latin.'  The campaign aims to change that by essentially Google bombing the results so that first instant result will be 'Romanians Are Smart.'  Check out the case study below for more details and feel free to help change the Google results by heading over to RomaniansAreSmart.com

It'll be interesting to see if this is successful in changing the Google results, but regardless it's a great concept.

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