Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mix Against AIDS

Back in December for World AIDS day, the Brazilian radio station Mix FM launched a campaign (developed by Quê Comunicação) to raise awareness about the dangers of HIV/AIDS 'In Brazil, surveys have shown that the number of HIV cases keeps growing among young people. The radio Station Mix FM could have an important role in this scenario: alert young people, making them feel how easy it is to a virus to spread around. So we've made our own virus.'

Mix FM posted two sexy videos (one of a hot guy, one of a hot girl) to their Facebook page with a message encouraging viewership.  The end of each video included the message:

'That's What Happens With HIV.  You Get Distracted. Get Infected. And Spread The Virus Without Even Noticing.  Take A Look At Your Wall. Always Protect Yourself.'

Once a user watched the video it was automatically posted to their Facebook page/timeline without their permission, thus driving home the 'viral' message (pun intended).  Just a genius idea to encourage condom use & demonstrate the dangers of unprotected sex in a tangible way.  Of course, it was completely against Facebook policy since it was essentially spam, so Facebook took it down within a day or so.  You could imagine doing something similar in a less spammy way by retargeting users who'd viewed the video with display ads across the web that drove home a similar message.  Would it potentially cross the 'creepiness' threshold.  Absolutely, but then again that's the point with a campaign like this.