Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Turtle Beach - Mission Iraq

Fiveight are the distributors of Turtle Beach gaming headsets.  They wanted to "show a tough, discerning market that Turtle Beach gaming headsets don’t just make the gaming experience sound real – it feels real."  So how are they going about doing this?  They've chosen a hardcore FPS gamer, Phil (handle: StatiC) from New Zealand and are bringing him into a real war zone...Iraq.  "Gamers play in virtual warzones every day and night, and they want the immersive feeling of combat, so we thought we’d take that experience one step further" says Fiveight’s Ben Ward.

Developed by Droga5, Mission Iraq is a five part mini series that will follow Phil's journey and experiences in Iraq.  Definitely a new take on an immersive experience, but not without controversy.  Regardless it'll be interesting to see how his adventure plays out.

Supporting Articles: Adverblog | National Business Review