Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hyundai Holidays

Over the past year Hyundai has been active in using musicians, particularly on Youtube, as the linchpin for several of their campaigns.  Last holiday season they enlisted Youtube indie-rock stars Pomplamoose in a series of holiday TV spots.  In November they launched their RE:GENERATION music project to promote the new 3-door coupe, the Veloster.  The project is a unique documentary film that follows five modern DJs who, through the use of technology, are changing the way the world creates and experiences music. The end result of the project was five new electronic music tracks influenced by genres across the musical spectrum.

As part of this season’s Hyundai Holidays campaign they’ve tweaked their previous activity in a way that’s appealing to both the TV and Youtube audience.  Hyundai (and their in-house agency Innocean) have enlisted the creators behind two of our favorite pieces of user generated content from 2011.  Remember the touching father-daughter cover of Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - “Home”?  What about the awesome Whole Food Parking Lot song from Fog & Smog? (note: if you haven’t seen either of those, stop reading right now and check out them out.).  Hyundai has enlisted the creators of both viral hits as part of a series of holiday spots (see above or here).  While using Youtube stars as the subject of TV spots is nothing new, they’re also giving users a forum to showcase their talents or express their wishes for the holidays.  The end of each commercial features a call to action encouraging users to upload a video to the Hyundai Youtube channel where they feature top submissions as well as the umbrella for all of Hyundai’s activity across Youtube, Facebook & Twitter.

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