Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Heineken - #MYSUNRISE

Heineken has been going nuts lately with a bunch of attention grabbing campaigns in the run up to Christmas.  They recently kicked off a responsible drinking campaign centered around the idea that 'Sunrise belongs to moderate drinkers.'  The goal is to make responsible drinking aspirational as expressed in the the hero content of the campaign (see above video).  The main character rocks out during an all night party, but in a responsible manner.  Outlasting all his drunken friends, he ends his night by going home sharing a sunrise with star DJ Audrey Napoleon.

Developed by AKQA, the campaign was launched across four cities (London, Ho Chi Minh, Rio de Janiero and San Francisco) through a teaser campaign.  Sofas featuring the hashtag #mysunrise were strategically placed in locations that offered the best sunrise view.  Consumers were encouraged to post photos of their best sunrise moments, tagging them #mysunrise and then submitting them to the Heineken Facebook page.  The sunrise images are showcased there and mapped according to the  photo location.  Additionally each week the best sunrise images are retweeted by Heineken to their followers.

Most responsible <fill in the blank> campaigns focus on the negative consequences of too much <fill in the blank>, so it's nice to see Heineken turn this on it's head by making responsible drinking an aspirational endeavor.  That said, good luck with that during the holidays...

via my colleague Yandis Ying

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