Monday, December 5, 2011

Norton Stuff Theater

Here's a nice piece of branded content from Norton Securities, the maker of various utilities and antivirus software.  Their overall messaging has been around 'Protect Your Stuff With Norton,' demonstrating how Norton protects your valuable content and data.  According to Leo Burnett ECD Jon Wyville, Stuff Theater is an effort to 'put your social-media stuff on a pedestal and treat it with the importance it deserves, even if it’s as mundane as a Facebook update.'  While it's not the most concrete tie in, I love the idea (developed by Leo Burnett and Arc Worldwide).  So what was it exactly? A live, unscripted, unrehearsed 24-hour performance on November 30th in which sixty actors brought to life over 1,000 Facebook posts on the Norton Facebook page.  Facebook users could submit their post to be performed over the 24-hour period that Stuff Theater was live.

They're currently pulling together the best of video, but the teaser videos are hilarious (see below).  It's somewhat reminiscent of the CP+B created Kraft Mac & Cheese TV (where tweets were turned into TV spots within 24 hours), though more ambitious in some ways (a 24 hour live performance) and less ambitious in other ways (turning around a TV spot within 24 hours).

And of course it would be been fantastic to see this as a livestream on Youtube as well.

Supporting Articles: New York Times | Brand Channel