Monday, December 5, 2011

IKEA - Catch The Swedish Light

Traditionally summer is a relatively slow time of year for IKEA (at least in Belgium).  So Forsman & Bodenfors created a genius campaign for IKEA to introduce the Swedish mid-summer to the Belgian consumer and show off the latest summer offers from IKEA.

The resulting campaign 'Catch the Swedish Light,' consisted of 48 Youtube videos featuring IKEA products with light dancing around them and a rolling seven digit code in the upper right hand corner of each video.  The challenge for users was to find the one exact frame in each video where the light catches the product perfectly.  On that frame the code in the upper right hand corner of the videos changed to yellow.  The first user to find the correct code for each video then went to the campaign site, entered the code and won that specific product.  A very clever use of video for this competition and it proved extremely effective as IKEA's summer sales in Belgium reached an all-time high for summer sales.  See if you can spot the code in the video below or check out the case study above.

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