Friday, October 19, 2012

Innovative Music Launches: Ellie Goulding - Digital Signing & Yolanda Be Cool - Recall

It's been amazing to watch the evolution of Google+ Hangout and Hangout Apps over the past year.  Brands, agencies and individuals are constantly coming up with innovative ways to use what's arguably the killer feature of Google+.  Now autograph signing sessions are entering the digital age thanks to Google+ Hangouts.  The idea, which came from the Creative Lab here in London, allowed Ellie Goulding to hold the world's first digital album signing as part of a promotion for her second album.     Using a Wacom tablet, Photoshop and a custom Google+ Hangout app Ellie Goulding talked face-to-face some of her fans from across the world, signed and dedicated an album cover for each them.  Each personalized and signed album cover was them shared with them as a picture on Google+.  I wouldn't be surprised if this becomes a common staple of album launches.  It's a fantastic way to bring the real-world experience into the digital space.  Check out the teaser video below and you can also watch a video of the whole Hangout here.

On a separate music related note, the band responsible for the hit song 'We No Speak Americano,' Yolanda Be Cool, has undertaken an interesting campaign/stunt for the launch of their second record.  They're issuing a recall of their hit song and calling on DJs, radio stations and people all across the world to destroy all copies of the song.  This goes beyond just words as they've also removed the song from iTunes (at least in Australia) and removed download links from their website & Facebook.  Instead they're offering fans, etc. a free replacement track from their new album.  It's a pretty damn funny idea considering how overplayed the song has been.  It's a nice stunt to leverage past success into what I'm sure they'll hope will be success for their upcoming album.

Check out the fake press conference below, which is quite funny.