Monday, January 30, 2012

VW - The Bark Side

Lat year The Force: Volkswagen Commercial was the clear winner (at least in my mind) of all the Superbowl ads.  Not only was it the best spot of the game, but they also dominated in the lead up to the big game by releasing their spot five days before the Superbowl and racking up 14 million views prior to kickoff on Superbowl Sunday.  Those views (and this holds true for all of this year's pre-released ads) are arguably more valuable than a typical TV view.  Why?  Well a view on Youtube (or other channels) represents an explicit choice to view the content, rather than a passive, interruption based view that one normally associates with TV.  In fact, Kantar media estimated that the pre-game views for The Force equated to more than $500,000 in free media for VW, and that didn't include the PR/buzz around it.

With that in mind it's not surprising to see more and more brands releasing their full creative or the extended versions of their creative as VW did last year.  So how do Deutsch LA and VW follow up on last year's hit?  We won't know until Gameday, but they've generated a tremendous amount of buzz (not to mention 10 million+ views) with their teaser 'The Bark Side.'

I just hope that the actual spot can live up to the expectations generated by this canine chorus.