Friday, January 13, 2012

Axe Anarchy - The Graphic Novel

Razorfish and Aspen comics have created a cool new campaign for Axe Anarchy.  A bit of background... Axe is looking to expand beyond their typical audience of young men.  They're introducing a new line of fragrances for both men and women called Anarchy.  To promote Axe Anarchy they've embarked in a co-creation project with fans to create an interactive graphic novel.

The Youtube channel is the hub of the campaign where fans are invited to shape the graphic novel by contributing storyline and character ideas (users contribute directly using Youtube, Facebook or Twitter from directly within the channel).  Think of it as a participatory version of the classic Choose Your Own Adventure books.  Every few days, new chapters are added to the Youtube channel with story arcs evolving depending on fan input.  Additionally Axe is rewarding good ideas from fans by depicting (and tagging them via their social media handles) in the actual graphic novel.

While I really like the idea, I do question the strategy and wonder how effective it will be in attracting a female audience.  Regardless, take a few minutes to check out the Youtube channel and see for yourself.

via Andrew Bent

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