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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Friskies - Dear Kitten

Cat videos + YouTube Stars + Brand Integration.  Sounds like a recipe for a derivative click bait video right?  Thankfully not.  You may remember that a few months back Nestle owned Purina Cat Food teamed up with YouTube Star Ze Frank to produce this hilarious 'A Cat's Guide To Taking Care Of Your Human.' which subtly promoted their Tidy Cat line of cat litter.

Ze Frank has created a new video for the Nestle owned Purina family of brands.  The video, 'Dear Kitten' is a hilarious guide told from the perspective of an elder cat informing the the new kitten in the house all about life with humans while subtly promoting Friskies cat food.  A perfect example of how to do 'branded content' well.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Few Things I Like But Don't Have The Time To Write Up - NBC, San Pellegrino, & Oakley

Premier League On NBC
American TV network NBC recently acquired the rights to broadcast the English Premier League games in the States.  In advance of this past weekend's season opener they released this hilarious video.  So, so good.

San Pellegrino
I love this little experiment by San Pellegrino that gives their audience the chance to experience a little bit Italy by allowing them to control a robot in a small town in Sicily.

Oakley Dreamland - A Backyard Progression
Red Bull has forced other brands associated with action sports to step up their game.  Oakley has answered the call with what's one of the most epic skate videos you've ever seen.  If nothing else, fast forward to 7:30 to see amazing Helicopter shenanigans.  Interesting that the brand didn't split this into multiple episodes as there's just such a wealth of great stuff in the 8-minute long video.

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