Monday, February 4, 2013

Target - Tweet To Runway Show

I'm pretty much a sucker for real(ish)-time video response campaigns.  Old Spice pioneered the format, but other brands have taken up the mantle in new and interesting ways.  The latest Twitter --> Video response campaign comes from US retailer Target.  The Everyday Collection campaign, conceived and developed by mono, is an unlikely fusion of high style with food and various household items like kitchen rolls, detergent and diapers.  The idea was to create a fashion show with a couple twists.  Rather than show off high-fashion, the models were showing off everyday items from Target.  Furthermore, the featured objects were chosen based off tweets mentioning said objects, often in humorous or otherwise quirky ways.  Basically taking the banal and turning it into something more.

In total, more than 150 videos were created, all of which were featured on the Target YouTube channel as well as the Every Day Show site.  Each video shows the original Tweet and those Twitter users featured were given Target gift cards.  In general the response video is a nice mechanic to create a personalized digital artifact for a select group of people.  It also has the benefit of ensuring that the people featured will then spread the artifact (and campaign) among their own social network.

Check out the highlight video below, some of the videos are quite amusing, but to be honest most don't really land well.  It just goes to show that execution is everything.  What sounds hilarious when read on Twitter becomes something completely different when delivered by a model.  Regardless, it's a nice effort from Target and their agency, it's just tough to top some of the campaigns that preceded this one.