Monday, February 4, 2013

Southern Comfort - Comfortable Weather Guy

The 'Whatever's Comfortable' spot developed by Wieden + Kennedy for Southern Comfort was one my favorite ads of 2012.  IMHO, everything about the advert was pretty much perfect, absolutely nailing the brand tagline of 'Whatever's Comfortable' in a delightful way.  Given the popularity of the spot, it's no surprise that the brand is extending the duties of the Comfort man character.  The Comfortable Weather Guy site features the eponymous character against a backdrop of whatever the weather is in your particular city.  You can also see Comfort man deliver the weather (against an appropriate backdrop of course) anywhere else in the world.  It looks like there are about sixteen different videos that are matched up to the particular weather at any given time. Check out the original spot below as well as the different weather videos or just head over to the website and have a play around yourself.  Silly?  Yes.  Pointless?  Somewhat.  Entertaining?  Most definitely.