Monday, February 27, 2012

Twisted Metal: Shoot My Truck

Two days, one truck, over 100,000 bullets.  That about sums up what happened when Deutsch LA & Stink Digital teamed up to create a real-life shoot em up experience.  The stunt was to promote the relaunch of the Twisted Metal franchise on Playstation 3. allowed users to fire a real M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (read: big ass machine gun) over the course of two days at at a perfect replica of the hot-rod ice cream van from the main character in the game.  The gun was hooked up to a remote interface which allowed users from around the world to login via Facebook or Twitter and fire the gun, unleashing damage for a full 30 seconds.  See intro video below.

In a nice effort to increase word of mouth and earned media, players were able to jump the line, by sharing the experience with friends.  Even cooler, the truck was also equipped with various explosive laden objects, so there was a chance that your gunfire could result in big explosions.  For a grand finale, three lucky winners were given the opportunity to fire the gun for 90 seconds to finish off and literally blow up the truck.  Check out the highlight/wrap up video below.

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