Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Heineken Serenade

Heineken #Serenade is the latest initiative from Wieden + Kennedy.  The Facebook app invites you to create a humorous serenade for that special one you would like to bring on a date.  Users are asked a serious of questions (what you intend to do with that person, why they should go out with you, etc.) which are then used to create the serenade (there are something like 600 different options if you factor in the different languages available.  Once you create a serenade for that special someone, it's sent off to that person where they can respond Yes or No on whether they'll go out with you.

In addition, Heineken hosted a 8-hour live event on the Heineken Youtube channel where they chose some of the best serenades and invited users to surprise their loved ones by having their serenade performed live by the band.  You can view the highlights on the Youtube channel or check out one of the videos below.

via Sibylle Tretera

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