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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Subaru EyeSight

So how do you demonstrate a relatively dry product feature (collision avoidance system) of the new Subaru?  That was the challenge addressed in this delightful video.  Subaru decided to use mini electric cars to demonstrate the power of their new Eyesight collision avoidance system.  They outfitted hundreds of these mini cars with stereoscopic cameras and miniature speakers that emitted different sounds when the system was engaged.  The resulting video is a delight both visually and aurally.  Check it out below.

via Adverblog

Monday, March 19, 2012

Parrot AR Drone Remote Control Banner

The Parrot AR.Drone, in my humble opinion, is probably the coolest toy/gadget on the market.  They've done a fantastic job showing off the capabilities and experience of the drone through various media, primarily Youtube videos (see their channel here).  A recent rich media campaign developed by Beacon Tokyo takes things a step further in bringing the user closer to the actual experience of piloting a Parrot AR.Drone.  In a media bridging exercise, a user is prompted to scan a QR code in the interactive banner.  That then triggers their smartphone to act as a controller for a virtual AR.Drone on your screen.  You can then fly around, shoot at the site, which eventually collapses and prompts the user to watch more demo videos or go off to Facebook or Twitter.  Take a look in the video below.  Reminds me of the Doubleclick media bridging Christmas card/demo, Snowball Fight.

Again, just a really nice way of bringing users closer to the actual product experience and showing rather than just telling.

UPDATE: You can experience it for yourself here:

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