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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Amstel - Pause

The past year has seen a wealth of clever experiential campaigns, interactive vending machines and other types of successful public stunts.  They typically require some sort of feat of concentration, physical exertion or the like from the relatively few members of the public that actually encounter the installation or stunt.  The more amazing, the more likely it seems that the subsequent video will garner millions of views.  The latest stunt from Amstel in Bulgaria bucks that trend by asking very little from the user.  Their agency, NEXT-DC created Amstel Pause, an interactive vending machine that rewarded users with a beer for simply doing nothing (eg. taking a pause in their hectic life).  All you had to do was stand in front of the machine for three minutes in order to receive a free beer.  It's a fantastic idea and taps into the reality of our busy world where we often forget to take time to stop and smells the roses (while drinking an Amstel of course).  According to the agency, the installation was live for:

'16 days, working from 16:00 to 21:00 o'clock in the busy center in Sofia, Amstel Pause collected:
— 4,032 minutes of break or more than 67 hours of rest for different people;
— Average of 84 users per day;
— Total of 1,344 beers given to people who do nothing;'

Check it out below:

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Streets Ice Cream - Share Happy

This is nice experiential campaign from Australia that effectively bridges the offline and online.  Streets Ice Cream (and their agency Soap Creative) launched the 'Share Happy' campaign (sounds a bit reminiscent of Coke - Open Happiness no?).  Installations were setup across Australian cities that invited any passer-bys to record Matrix style 360-degree rotating videos of themselves.  The videos were then uploaded to Streets Ice Cream Youtube channel and available on the Streets Ice Cream website.  Participants could go to the site and easily search for/find their video and easily share it out amongst friends, family, etc.

Great idea.  It's simple, but effective.  Participants are rewarded offline (ice cream samples) as well as online (a cool digital memento of an experience that they couldn't otherwise have).

Check out the 'Best Of...' video below.
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