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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bear Time Stories

Perhaps my hard heart has grown softer since having a child, but I seriously was blown away by this idea.  Bear Time Stories is a project which:  'allows you to record yourself reading out a bedtime story. Your story will be put on a mp3 player built into a stuffed animal and given to parentless children around the world...
...Using voices from around the world the Bear-Time Project hopes to show how by donating a voice we can all help to make a child's dreams a little sweeter.'

Check out the overview video below and then head on over to Bear Time Stories to donate your voice or just your $$$.
via: Leon Bayliss

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Homepage For The Homeless

I love this idea from Australian charity Ladder and agency GPY&R Melbourne.  Homepage For The Homeless is basically a twist on affiliate marketing.  Based on the simple fact that a tremendous amount of holiday shopping is done online, they asked users to change their homepage to the 'Homepage For The Homeless.'  The homepage is just a portal page featuring major retailers such as Amazon, iTunes, Deals Direct, etc.  Users who started their journey on the Homepage For The Homeless and then went on to purchase on a participating site had 15% of their purchase value donated to the homeless.

It's an incredibly simple way for internet shoppers to do a little bit of good during the holidays.  The ask on the part of the user is incredibly small and yet the (altruistic) reward is potentially huge.