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Friday, August 10, 2012

Comment Haiku

Here's a nice little experiment from the technologists at W+K Portland.  As they explain:

'Comment Haiku is a tech experiment by a small team at W+K Portland. Our aim was to see if it's possible to use code to convert YouTube comments (generally regarded as total illiterate drivel) into poetry. We feel like we got part of the way there. If you want to see under the hood and look at the code, it's in two projects on github: haiku and django-haiku. All of the code is under the BSD license and we'd love more people to play.'

Check out the video capture of the experiment below or head over to Comment Haiku to play around yourself.  Fun!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Paper Crows - Build

Here's another clever use of Youtube videos from the musicians, Paper Crows for their new album 'build.'  The site shows four separate YouTube videos which are then synchronized into one coherent visual track using the Youtube API.  Each of the videos is actually a different music track, so users can change the audio track by rolling over one of the videos.  Simple, but very clever.  Check it out here, or see the screen capture below.
via Bobby Nolla