Monday, November 14, 2011

Asics - Run With Ryan

I was back in NYC last weekend, which also happened to be the same weekend as the New York marathon.  While taking the subway, I came across this installation in Columbus Circle by Asics.  Ever think about just how fast the pace of professional marathon runner is over the course of 26 miles?  It's ridiculous, something like 4:45 per mile for 26 MILES!  Just insanely fast.  The Asics installation brought that idea to life by featuring a 60-foot long video wall that invited the public to race along with professional marathoner Ryan Hall.  The challenge: see if you can keep pace with him for just 60 feet.  The installation, developed by Vitro, featured a continuous loop of a countdown seguing into a 60-foot sprint along the video wall by Hall.  Check it out in the above video.

On a completely separate note, check out Christoph Niemann's live sketching/tweeting of his running of the New York marathon, 26.2 miles, 46 sketches.  Just delightful.  Check it out here.

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